The Phillies on the Radio

   I think the majority of Phillies fans would agree with me that the broadcasters on the radio (Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson generally) are better than those on TV (Tom McCarthy, Chris Wheeler, and Sarge Matthews). This isn’t a post about the pros and cons of each, although maybe that will be a later post. This is about the commercials that air during games on the radio. For some reason, and this always seems to be the case, there is a handful of commercials that they run over and over and over again. From the beginning of the year to the end, it’s always the same few. If they are good, it takes a while for them to be annoying, but if they are bad, it takes about a week. This year the worst offenders have to be the Scotts commercial (“Hello, this is Scott for Scotts” said in the very annoying fake Scottish accent) and the Comcast commercials. The Scotts commercials are so bad and so frequent, the “Mamma Dietz” commercials for Dietz and Watson and almost welcome. I wonder if this is the same for other markets where they just pound the listeners over and over against with the same commercials for a whole season. Of course, there have been some good ones over the years, like the Melrose Diner commercials (really just the jingle: “Everyone Who Knows Goes To Melrose”), the Tastykake song, Joe the Hot Dog Guy (I forget what that was for, probably Dietz and Watson or Phillies Franks, but my Dad thought those were kind of funny).  While radio is a great medium for baseball, it can be tough with those commercials!

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