The Bullpen

Great piece you can read here by the Daily News’ David Murphy regarding the need for the Phillies to have a shutdown-type reliever not just for this season but for the next. The Phillies have lost six games this year where they had the lead going into the eighth inning. Last year, they only lost five of those games.  As it so happens, six games is the difference between second and last in the NL East. Murphy also mentions Jake Diekman, one of the Phillies more promising relievers. The numbers suggest he has a good future, as many batters do not put the ball into play when facing him.  This is the tough thing about this season. I want to say it is over, but with the two wildcards this year, it is too early to say so, especially with Halladay, Utley and Howard coming back soon. Murphy also brings up the Cardinals of last year, which is the tantalizing hope of all mediocre teams. But should it be?  I guess we should just enjoy the season as much as we can and hope the young guys in the bullpen can get better and, if feasible, the RAJ can pick up a quality veteran reliever.

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One thought on “The Bullpen

  1. Great point about Diekman. Alot of people might go right to his 3.86 ERA or his 1.571 WHIP and say he’s not all that great but even though his 14 innings pitched is not alot to go by, an 18% Balls-in-Play ratio is a great start.

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