Time to Hang Them Up, Jamie

   I saw that Jamie Moyer has signed a minor league deal with the Blue Jays. Jamie Moyer did a good job for the Phillies (although I was not a fan of the way he pitched), has had a good career and is an example of how a player can do a lot on minimal talent ( e.g. Larry Bowa).From all accounts is a guy with very good character and has done a lot in terms of charities, etc. It is also impressive that he had the will and determination to come back from Tommy John surgery at the age he did in order to compete again. When he won the job with the Rockies in spring training it was impressive. However, it really seems that it is now time for him to retire. I am sure he has a lot of pride, proving the naysayers wrong when they told him to retire at a much earlier age, but it really seems time. Being designated for assignment by the Rockies, then being released by the Orioles a few week later, shows that he should hang them up. He has a lot of kids and I’m sure they’d love to spend more time with him. Sometimes there is a fine line between being determined and looking desperate to say in the Big Leagues (e.g. Steve Carlton). Moyer’s had a fine career, but he should now go relax and enjoy his family and the golf course.

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