Lee for Trout?

This is NOT an actual trade rumor, let me make that clear. I don’t want anyone in the national media picking this up as real, because I know how popular and trusted this blog is. However, I did get an email from someone proposing this trade. I would be shocked if the Angels would go for this trade because Lee is an aging pitcher having a mediocre to bad year that has a huge contract. Trout is 20, could be an all-star and right now looks like he could be one for a long, long time. It’s not like he’s excelling in AAA, he is in the Majors; a big difference. That being said, I would go for that trade as long as the Phillies resign Hamels. Actually, I might go for it even if they didn’t. Really, it would be a dream trade for the Phillies. Money to resign Hamels, and a great outfielder than can control for about six more years.  To continue that dream, Dom Brown snaps out of it and starts hitting like the prospect he used to be and you have those two in the outfield next year. But, this all is not going to happen….

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