Phillies Team ERA By Month

   This tidbit was on the Phillies post-game show yesterday after their sorry loss to the Miami Marlins. In April the team’s ERA was 2.79, in May it was 4.27 and in June it’s been 5.04.  Obviously Halladay being on the DL is a part of this, but definitely not the only reason. Here is yet another problem for the Phillies. Even Chris Wheeler was ripping the Phillies yesterday. When he does that, you know things have to be bad. He was comlaining about the Phillies offense and their poor situational hitting. The Phillies have so many problems right now, that it would be surprising if thet are not sellers at the trade deadline.

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One thought on “Phillies Team ERA By Month

  1. They got problems, but they’re only five or six back in the wild card, right? The Thome trade wasn’t surprising, but I would be surprised if they totally start disassembling.

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