Hamels: Will He or Won’t He?

 Here’s an article about Hamels from Matt Gelb of the Inquirer regarding Hamels’ comments at the All-Star Game yesterday. From what I’ve heard the Phillies are OK with the amount of money Hamels wants but are balking at the years, six. If this is the case, they should go for it. If they offered Lee 5 with an option for six and he is several years older than Hamels, I don’t see the problem. Yeah, that’s a long time to guarantee for a pitcher, but he is 28 and quite good. Hamels is having a very good year, but not what I would call a great year. There are several other starters in the NL with better ERAs. The year isn’t over yet and that can improve however. Of course, if Hamels is kept, the problem then becomes filling other positions without getting prospects in a trade to fill them. So if he is kept, it really seems someone else has to be traded. It’s pretty clear Victorino will not be back, but you’re not going to get much for him. Pence is there most tradable commodity as he has another year before free agency. Of course, doing that doesn’t help you for next year. RAJ is in a tough spot; it will be very interesting to see what happens. I can’t say I’d be totally shocked if Lee is moved if Hamels stays,  because I don’t see how this team can compete next year without a third baseman and there are no good ones in free agency. Amaro is definitely going to have to be creative. This off-season will be his biggest test of his tenure yet, I believe.

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