Shopping For A Home?

So the Phillies are out west in LA and it makes me wonder if Hamels will be  looking at homes in case he is traded to the Dodgers later in the month. The Phillies have claimed that they are going to make a big push to sign Hamels soon. From what I’ve read the big hangup is the amount of years on the contract with Hamels looking for at least 6 and probably 7. He’s in a good position due to his age. It’s not like he is over thirty and looking for that.  If the Phillies could give Lee a five-year contract with a vesting option for a 6th at age 32, it just doesn’t make any sense to me that the Phillies wouldn’t go 6 to 7 with Hamels at 29 (he will be 29 in December).

That being said, I have written that I wouldn’t be opposed to trading Hamels. Even though (according to the Phillies game notes) Hamels has won 29% of the Phillies games this year, the team has some big holes to fill, and getting quality prospects would be important.  As I’ve also said before, if the Phillies keep Hamles, they will have to trade someone else to get some quality prospects.

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One thought on “Shopping For A Home?

  1. You have to look at the history of long-term contracts for pitchers. There are a lot of misses, and I don’t think the Phillies will get full value if they sign him for seven years. I’m not saying they shouldn’t but they’ll end up over-paying, which isn’t a big surprise.

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