That Lee Trade

   We were all scratching our heads when RAJ traded Cliff Lee to the Mariners for prospects in 2009. The motive at the time was to rebuild the minor leagues after the team sent prospects to Toronto (the new home of JA Happ, by the way) for Halladay. The intentions were good regardless of whether it made sense, but the trade is looking even worse now. The three prospect you may recall were Phillipe Aumont, JC Ramirez (both pitchers) and outfielder Tyson Gillies. Gillies had some trouble with the law last year, but the charges were dropped. However, very recently he was suspended from Reading indefinitely for a reason that has yet to be reported. Plus he has barely been on the field due to injuries. Ramirez hasn’t done much and while Aumont has great stuff, and has shown flashes of dominance, is having a bad year a AAA. The lastets Gillies news has prompted one writer to declare the trade an official bust. You can read it here. I am not quite ready to call it that yet because Aumont is 24 and can still turn things around. I am ready to declare Gillies a bust as a prospect which is a shame. He is deaf and I know has been an inspiration for kids who have hearing problems. However, it is safe to say it was a bad trade.

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