Hall of Fame 2013

 Tomorrow, Sunday, Barry Larkin and Ron Santo will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. On Baseball-Reference.com’s homepage they have a link the the probables on the list for next year. Click here to see it. I really don’t want Jack Morris in the Hall. He has a lot of wins, but his ERA is close to 4.00. Jeff Bagwell has great numbers, but some have assumed he was using PEDs, so he has not yet entered the Hall. That’s the tough thing about that era; those who did not take PEDs will still be under suspicion. It’s something that can really be debated. I think unless it is very obvious, you have to assume they are clean, otherwise that is really not fair. Mike Piazza is also up for the first time and he would probably fall into the Jeff Bagwell category.  Larry Walker had some insane years, but they were in Colorado before use of the humidor, and his career totals aren’t quite there.  Speaking of PEDs, Sosa, Bonds, and Clemens are all up for the Hall this year for the first time, and you can probably guarantee none will get in. I think Clemens might get in later, but not next year. Former Phillies Mike Liberthal and Antonio Alfonseca are also on the list. It seems like Alfonseca was just on the Phillies, but I guess not.  He was terrible for the Phillies you may recall. Curt Schilling is up for the first time and may get in on the first ballot. I think Lee Smith has a chance, too, but has not been elected over a decade, so it may not happen.

Looking ahead to 2014, it’s going to be crowded up in Cooperstown. On the ballot for the first time: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Mike Mussina, and Frank Thomas. They all have potential of being elected, although Mussina’s ERA is a tad high.

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5 thoughts on “Hall of Fame 2013

  1. Great point about Morris’ ERA. Average HOF pitcher ERA is currently 2.96. Morris ended his career with a 3.90. If he gets elected, he’ll have the highest ERA in Cooperstown, .10 higher than Red Ruffing.

    Morris will also have a relatively low number of complete games for a starting pitcher (175 compared to average HOF with 275) despite having a relatively high innings pitched/games started (7.1 innings).

    Actually, Morris doesn’t rank particularly high on any career number list for pitchers. If he’s getting in because of wins, does that mean Jamie Moyer is a HOF too (Morris wins: 254, Moyer wins: 269)? Moyer’s career ERA to date is 4.25, never having a season with an ERA under 3.

  2. I wouldn’t put too much stock in complete games as the game was staring to change while he was still pitching regarding the use of relievers. Agreed that you can’t just go on wins, as that can just mean a pitcher is merely good over a long period with maybe one or two great years as opposed to being great over a good amount of time.

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