Ichiro A Yankee

So Ichiro was traded to the Yankees today. Once a great hitter, Ichiro has had a bad year so far only hitting .261 with an OBP of .288, which is even below the Rollins Line. However, he’s had a great career in terms of hitting for average. For his career he has a little over 2500 hits (in just 12 years), a .322 avg. and a .366 OBP. He won 10 straight gold gloves and, not that it matters that much, he was also in 10 straight All-Star games. Since I just had a post about the Hall of Fame, how about Ichiro? While he is still 400+ hits away from the magical 3000, he started his ML career at age 27.  It seems to me he is a lock once he retires and is eligible.

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One thought on “Ichiro A Yankee

  1. Ichiro? First ballot Hall of Famer. 3000 hits is a wonderful achievement, but I look at how he impacted the AL since 2001. Besides winning the MVP in his first year, he led the AL in AB in 9 of 12 years played. The guy also had 10 straight seasons of 200 or more hits. Wow!

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