Hamels Locked In?

Several media outlets are reporting that Hamels has signed, or is very close to signing a six-year deal with the Phillies. The reports are conflicting about the value of the deal, but it could be up to $24 million a year. That is actually the amount Jim Salisbury of CSN.com argued the Phillies should offer as their last, best deal. It may have been considering how close the trade deadline is. As I have said numerous times before, the Phillies need to make a trade or two to strengthen the team for next year. Since it looks like Hamels is staying that will have to be someone else. I get the feeling they won’t trade Lee as they want to make another strong run next year. However, they can’t get a quality third baseman (which they will need) through free agency, so a trade will be needed. I also wonder if this Hamels deal will force the Phillies to pay the luxury tax next year. It seems anathema to the Phillies, but that is the price of keeping up with the Yankees.

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4 thoughts on “Hamels Locked In?

  1. I’m happy Cole is staying here because I believe he’s a top 10 pitcher in the NL (granted, he’s no Matt Cain). I do, however, think that’s a very high contract for a guy who’s never won a CY Young or has only had one season with an ERA of under 2.

    It’s going to be anxiety inducing to see which Cole we get for the next 6 years on a consistent basis: the 2011 version (2.79 ERA, 0.986 WHIP, 62.1 GmScA) or the 2009 version (4.32 ERA, 1.286 WHIP, 51.5 GmScA).

    It’s interesting to note that, for whatever reason, Cole gets alot of run support when he pitches, second only to Blanton. If Lee got the 5 runs a game Cole gets in games started instead of the 2.8, I think things would be somewhat different now.

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