Trades, Etc.

More trade rumors from none other than Apparently the Orioles have shown interest in Polanco. Why, I am not sure. He’s a great character guy and has had a good career, but he clearly can’t hit anymore.

Also, it was reported the Yankees went for Ichiro after the asking price was too high for Victorino. I would like the Phillies to move Victoino, because I can’t see him back again next year unless it is for a short-term deal.

Apparently, the Phillies have been shopping Pence as well, but that is hardly a shock. He has quite a bit of value as he has one year after this one before free agency.

It was also stated the Rangers would be interested in Hamels if he is available. Some dismissed my thoughts on a Lee-for-Rangers top prospects deal, so maybe Hamels could get them. But he would be a rental players, so that is unlikely. However, David Murphy of the Daily News sounds optimistic a deal will be done and Hamels will remain with the Phillies.

Lastly, MLBTR .com also reported St. Louis as a possible destination for Hamels, due to his wife being from Missouri, but that sounds like someone just put that out there for the heck of it.

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