Phillies Issues

This is a good article from regarding the various issues the Phillies have and many of the trade rumors that have come up over the last few weeks.

Here is Jim Salisbury’s summary of trade talks as well.

And another article on describes how the Phillies could still get a draft pick for Victorino. It involves offering him a contract of a certain amount in the off-season and him turning it down. The writer also speculates that if Victorino continues to have a good second half the Phillies may want to sign him to a short-term contract, if he would be interested. And for all those clamoring for the Phillies to sign Bourn in the off-season, the writer believes that he may command a salary of $15 million a year. That may be too much for the Phillies as they are currently constructed, and really a bit too much for Bourn overall, but they market will decide that.

Lastly, the Inquirer quotes a “baseball source” (which could be anyone, even an usher or the Phanatic, I suppose) as saying about Amaro:

“Ruben is going to make a huge splash,” a baseball source said, referring to general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. “I’m feeling it. A huge overhaul is coming.”




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