The New Guys

So we can take a break now from all the frantic trade-deadline talk. It is kind of fun, but more so when you are rooting for a buying team. The Phillies picked up five players for Victorino and Pence. The only major leaguer is Josh Lindblom of the Dodgers. He is having a solid year as I noted in an earlier post. I would like to see the walks come down a bit, his rate is 3.4 per 9 innings. He is just 25 and doesn’t make much. As we know, the Phillies bullpen can use all the help they can get, so this is a good addition.

Ethan Martin, the AA starting pitcher is having a decent year. For his minor league career he has under-achieved relative to his draft position. According to Jim Salisbury of, he has a power arm and may project as a reliever in the future. He is still very young, so something may come of him in the bigs. One thing is certain, he walks too many batters.

The best addition is the catching prospect Tommy Joseph. He is only 21 and had a big year last year in high A ball. At AA he is struggling a bit, but apparently missed some time to injury. At A ball he hit 22 HRs with 95 RBI. He does need to be more selective at the plate as his OBP has been pretty low. Defensively the word is he has a strong arm, and the stats show  that last year he threw out 37% of would-be basestealers, and this year his percentage is an excellent 48%.

Nate Shierholtz is a fourth outfielder type, while Seth Rosin is a minor-league relief pitcher who has a pretty good WHIP in 1.189, but has an ERA of 4.31. He’s only 23, so there is time for improvement. You can read more about these guys here.

I was surprised they traded Pence because I thought they might do that in the off-season.  I don’t know whether they would have gotten more or not. David Murphy of the Daily News was whining that this doesn’t make the team better for 2013, and I suppose he has a point. If, that is, this doesn’t lead to other moves or pick-ups in the off-season. Some have speculated this was more to get under the luxury tax threshold this season, so it will be less expensive to go over it next year, which they will probably have to do.

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