Options In Right Field

David Murphy contradicts himself a bit today in his blog when he makes the argument that certain platoons in right field will equal or exceed what the Phillies had in right field this year. Just a few days ago he was saying that the Phillies would be worse off in right field next year due to the trade. But I digress….

Here is the gist of his argument:

Hairston/Schierholtz platoon: .286/.341/.486 (.827 OPS), 24 HR, 118 SO, 662 PA

Gomes/Schierholtz platoon: .288/.367/.467 (.834 OPS), 22 HR, 136 SO, 671 PA

Johnson/Schierholtz platoon: .295/.349/.475 (.824 OPS), 18 HR, 114 SO, 639 PA

Now, compare those lines to the one posted by Phillies right fielders this season:

.271/.333/.449 (.783 OPS), 18 HR, 91 SO, 456 PA


If the Phillies can get a quality centerfielder, then maybe this will work, but will Charlie actually use his platoon like that? He didn’t do it in left field this year, but I guess that’s because Mayberry has been terrible. Murphy goes on to suggest cheap upgrades at third and other positions in order for the Phillies to keep payroll around 189 million next year. I really can’t see Kevin Youkilis at third though, he’s pretty much washed up although he still gets on base at a nice rate.

I’d still rather see the Phillies trade for a 3rd baseman. If it’s not going to be Olt, then I guess I would like to see Chase Headley. I just can’t see Youkilis working out there. But if the Phillies can’t lower their payroll anymore, maybe they will have to go with Murphy’s scenario.

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