Former Phillies Struggling

 The Rangers have grown weary of the Roy Oswalt show. He’ll probably be back on his tractor soon, as he was moved to the bullpen after pitching very poorly as a starter (ERA 6.49). After pitching two innings recently, he told the manager that he couldn’t go out for a third. This should be a cautionary tale to the Phillies concerning the other Roy. Oswalt was very good for the Phillies in 2010, then got hurt and wasn’t the same, which has continued to this season. Maybe a pitcher can lose it that fast. I hope that doesn’t hold true for Halladay. I really liked the way Oswalt pitched, but it seems like his career might be over soon. 

Speaking of that, Jim Thome will be out until September due to a back injury. Thome is a favorite of the staff here at the Yellow Seats, so we wish him a quick recovery and continued home runs. 

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