I Guess the Dodgers Really Wanted Lee

We know that the Dodgers made a claim for Lee when he was placed on waivers, and that the Phillies then pulled him off. What we didn’t know is that the Dodgers even offered players to the Phillies in a potential trade, according to Jon Heyman of CBSsports. The Dodgers made “multiple trade offers” to the Phillies and the Phillies said “no”. This is interesting because it seems to imply that the Dodgers were willing to take his whole contract AND make a trade with the Phillies. This is something that Amaro may regret not doing in two years. Of course, if the Phillies win a World Series in that time, it will be a good move.

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2 thoughts on “I Guess the Dodgers Really Wanted Lee

  1. I wonder what players the Dodgers were offering? I mean, Lee’s not having a great year, and he’s only getting older.

    • Yeah, I’m sure it wasn’t anyone great, but according to the article, their scouts said they still thought he has ace stuff (which he does). I should have also mentioned in the post that LA is on his no-trade list, which is significant.

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