More Rollins Propaganda

I knew David Murphy of the Daily News wrote this article before I clicked on it. It’s his second such article on Jimmy Rollins, his point basically being “he’s not as bad as you think he is”. When you compare Rollins to other shortstops, he comes out looking okay, according to Murphy. His .715 OPS is 11th out of 24 shortstops in the majors that have 300 plate appearances. I’m not crazy about this logic, the “he’s not great, but he’s not terrible” so we should be happy. Murphy goes on to write that Charlie would not “rule out” moving Rollins down in the lineup due to his poor OBP. That basically means, he’s not going anywhere while Charlie is manager. In the end, I guess Murphy has some sort of point, but Rollins is not a leadoff hitter and hasn’t been for quite some time. His 20% pop-up rate doesn’t help either.

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