Roids and Rules

Here’s an article today from Matt Gelb of the Inquirer about the PED policy in the bigs. Basically it questions whether the punishments are tough enough for offenders. He quotes Kirk Gibson who was quite peeved when he found out about Melky Cabrera’s positive test for elevated testosterone. His team plays the Giants quite often and Cabrera has hit .462 against the Diamondbacks. Right now it is 50 games for a first offender, 100 for a second and a lifetime ban for a third. Right now, it seems like the policy is working well (although as the article states, MLB has tightened up its testing procedures after the Ryan Braun debacle last year). The only thing I would change is to not let the player caught be able to participate in the post-season in addition to the regular-game suspension.

This whole Melky Cabrera incident also has implications for the Phillies, too, as he was probably on their list of outfield free-agent targets. It would be tough to give him a long-term deal now.  To make matters even worse, an associate of Cabrera’s or his agents tried to cover this up by creating a fake website. It didn’t work.

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