An Assist From Rollins

We here at the Yellow Seats can be tough on our hometown shortstop. We coined the phrase “Rollins Line” in reference to Jimmy’s sad on-base percentage. (FYI, the Rollins Line is .300 OBP) However, and I mentioned this earlier, Rollins has done great work with the Ugandan Little League team. I discovered this last year and actually used the story in class. Not only did he contribute some money to the team, more importantly and impressively, he traveled to Uganda and spent time with the Little Leaguers there. Here is a good article from the Daily News about it. Also, please watch the clip from the documentary”Opposite Field” about the team if you have a few minutes. It’s an interesting story, and one that is important to the continent, and arguably the world.

While the Phillies have not played all that great this year, there are some players with really good character on the team that have done great charity work.

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