The Vagaries of The Draft

   We all know the draft in any sport is a crapshoot. First rounders can be busts and 25th rounders can be All-Stars. We all know, as well, that the Washington Nationals have been pretty successful with their first rounders with Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg (although they were almost can’t-miss). However, they may have made a mistake with a high school pitcher (alert Moneyballers, alert!). His name is Lucas Giolito. He went to one of those fancy California prep schools that churn out professional baseball players. His team even had the top lefty prospect in the nation, with him being the righty. Last February he made news when he hit 100-mph in the first game of the season. Pretty crazy, but he also had great control to go with it. Even crazier, a kid actually got a hit off him. Anyway, he is 6′ 6″ and well over 200 pounds so he is probably pretty intimidating on the mound.

 However, after contract negotiations went down to the wire before he signed, he recently had to be removed from his first pro game after  a decrease in velocity and has been sent to the pitching-arm whisperer, Dr. Lewis Yocum, whose name should sound familiar to baseball fans. Apparently there was some concerns about his arm health before he was drafted, but the article doesn’t get in to that. If this kid can stay healthy,and rise to the majors in a short amount of time, he would give the Nationals an insane pitching staff that would dominate for years. Strasburg, Zimmerman, Gonzalez, and this kid. As my grandfather would say, it would be “summa ting”.

So who knows if this kid ever gets to the bigs. That is why the draft is a crapshoot.

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2 thoughts on “The Vagaries of The Draft

  1. I read a good article a while back that talked about the “inverted w” motion many current pitching prospects use, which puts more strain on the arm and doesn’t make use of the body during the wind-up. If this kid is over-throwing, he could be in for an injury-plagued career.

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