Cy Young

So, there has been some talk about Aroldis Chapman possibly winning the Cy Young Award. He is obviously having a dominant season. Watching him strike Chase Utley out on a 102 mph fastball was pretty crazy. His ERA is 1.31 and his WHIP is an astounding .726. His K/9 is almost a joke at 16.3. However, relievers don’t commonly win the Cy Young as they don’t throw many innings. Plus, and this isn’t mentioned much, Chapman does somehow have four blown saves. While not a whole lot, it is significant. Joel Hanrahan has 34 saves and 3 blown saves, resulting in a net of 31, more than Chapman. While not having the mind-boggling stats, this does make him a better closer at the moment. Should that matter?

I guess it depends on your philosophical outlook on what the Cy Young award should be for and what make a pitcher great. Personally, I don’t think a reliever should get the award unless he is having an outrageous season and there isn’t a starter who is having a great season. However, there are starters who are having Cy Young worthy seasons. So I don’t think Chapman should win the award. If he finishes the season with 50+ saves and has 3 or 4 blown saves, I’d consider it. I’d like to hear from my readers on this.

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