Let’s Look Into the Future

Earlier in the year, the Phillies minor leagues looked like a vast wasteland when it came to position players. Anyone who was good was traded away and everyone else was too young to project, or not good enough to make it to the bigs.

Now that we are progressing to the end of the season, there is some blips on the radar screen. We all know about Babe Ruf, but the jury is still out on him as he is a 26 year old AA player who has never hit for power until this year. Plus, he doesn’t have a position yet as he is blocked at first. Unless of course the Phillies can tradeHoward to LA as they seem to be taking on everyone’s bad contracts. If Ruf has a great spring and then is mashing the ball at AAA, then we may have something.

More exciting has been the development of Cody Asche a 3rd baseman at AA. Yes, folks, a third baseman. Something the Phillies desperately need. He is only in his second year as a pro and is already at AA, which is saying something. Not only that, but he is hitting quite well there. His stats are .310/.361/.531. While not on the radar for next year, this may mean the Phillies may just need a stop-gap player for third next year. Chase Utley, maybe? You can read more here.

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