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Here’s a decent article on about the latest Jimmy Rollins incident. The gist of the story is that Montgomery should talk to Jimmy about his lack of hustle and respect for the manager and his rules. Apparently Montgomery has called Rollins his “good friend” in the past, and significantly, defended Rollins against doubters in the front office when there was discussion about whether to resign Jimmy. This is from the article:

…several people with knowledge of the Rollins’ contract negotiations have told me that the Phillies president was a firm advocate of re-signing Rollins amongst a group that had its doubters.

Clearly something has to be done. Most concerning is that this attitude could spread to the younger, more impressionable players. It also makes you wonder if there is any policing that goes on in the clubhouse, a la Macho Row in 1993. From the outside, it doesn’t seem like that happens, because if it did, this wouldn’t have happened repeatedly.

One could also make the point that if the Phillies were in first, this wouldn’t be a big deal. Possibly, but that”s really immaterial here. They’re not in first, they are struggling. Maybe things were overlooked while the Phillies were good, and now Charlie can’t go back to being more strict. I do know that Charlie seemed quite upset about this latest incident. Rollins apologized to Manuel today, but hardly seemed that contrite.  He is in the starting lineup tonight which I am not crazy about.

The article also mentions Rollins has veto power on any trade. If LA or SF was interested, I would be as well at this point. Jimmy has a few years left on his contract and this could be a problem. I wonder if David Murphy will still be defending Rollins now.  It may be time for a change in manager after Charlie’s last year under contract next year.

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