Flyin’ Hawaiin Grounded in LA

Interesting article on today about Shane Victorino. First his stats and John Mayberry’s stats are very similar at this point:

  GP  Avg.  OBA  Slg.  HR     RBI     Runs 
 Victorino 137 .257 .321 .382 10 51 62
 Mayberry    130    .254    .306    .425    14 41 45

And check out the records of the Phillies and LA before and after Victorino.

   With Victorino  Without Victorino  
 Through July 29  Phillies  45-57  Dodgers  56-47
 Since July 30  Dodgers  18-21  Phillies  26-14
   Totals  63-78

The second set of stats is probably just coincidental. There are nine guys on the team. I think Joe Blanton probably had a bigger effect on each. I know there are some Victorino fans among my readership, so sorry if this bothers you, but I did find the first stat set especially interesting.

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