A friend of mine asked if the Phillies should consider signing Ryan Madson in the off-season. I absolutely think they should looking into it as long as it is a one-year deal, or a one year with a club option. Most likely, coming off of Tommy John surgery, that is all he will get or be looking for. The Phillies need at least one additional veteran in the bullpen, Madson was a popular guy in the clubhouse, so it seems like a good idea. The only holdup could be that Madson may feel like he owes the Reds a productive season (I heard this on sports radio from the host, not a caller), or perhaps he holds a grudge against the Phillies for what went down last off-season regarding not resigning him.

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2 thoughts on “Madson

  1. Can’t see this happening. Madson (and his agent) see him as a closer. So they will want closer money. I would suspect that he would be willing to do a 1-year deal somewhere to prove that he’s healthy, but again, he’ll want to be in a closer position.

    • Good point. Especially with Boras.

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