The Face of the Phillies

Good article by Paul Hagan in Sportsweek. Basically it asks the question: Who is the face of the Phillies? He gave two rules: the person must be living, and must be mostly associated with the team (no Roy Halladay, for example, as he played most of his career with the Blue Jays).  He give several choices and the pros and cons of each. For me, this is pretty easy. It has to be Mike Schmidt. While not close with fans when he played, and not too active with the team now, he was just so good and played his whole career with the team. My second choice would be Utley. I would like to hear from my readers on this topic.

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5 thoughts on “The Face of the Phillies

  1. I guess if John Wockenfuss doesn’t qualify, then yeah, Schmidt. Or J-Roll at this point – especially if people are actually talking about him as a potential Hall of Fame candidate (I can’t see that myself).

    • Really, J-Roll? I would put Utley over J-Roll, although, as the writer said, Utley has not won an MVP during the regular season or in the post season

      **************************************************************************************************** Most of the world is carpeted, and one day we will do the cleaning.

  2. Here’s why I would suggest J-Roll as a possibility. 1. Length of tenure with the club – he was here from the depths of 2000 to the WS title (much like Schmidt I suppose). 2. He did win the MVP. 3. Beyond winning MVP in ’07, the way he was publicly visible proclaiming Phillies were team to beat and helping to lead that big turnaround. I still think Schmidt is far and away the right pick. Utley should get consideration just for saying “World F’ing Champions”.

    • You make some good points. While Utley has not been a vocal leader, he seems to have been more of a team player. I could be way off as I am not around the clubhouse, but it seems like he would run through a wall for the team. I don’t get that impression from Rollins.

      **************************************************************************************************** Most of the world is carpeted, and one day we will do the cleaning.

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