Hot Stove League

It should be an interesting off-season for the Phillies. At some point, I will address this in more detail. I actually did way back in July when I thought the season was already over. However, I will do it again as things will be more clear in the off-season. I’ve said this before, but this will be a big barometer for Amaro. So far, he has just really signed big-time free agents which isn’t too difficult. He did well getting Halladay in trade (although in hindsight, it may not have been a good one. If they had won the WS in 2010, it wouldn’t be an issue. But they didn’t.) and sneaking in on the Lee signing, but this off-season will require a lot of imagination. There are so many question marks, it will be very challenging. And the free agent crop isn’t great. Bob Brookover of the Inquirer had a piece today about the caution the Phillies will need when signing free agents.

The top outfield free agent not named Josh Hamilton is probably Michael Bourn. But as noted in the article, he has had a bad second half. As a Boras guy, he will command top dollar. He may have a higher OBP than Jimmy, but Bourn strikes out a lot. BJ Upton has been mentioned as a cheaper alternative, but what will you get from him? Nick Swisher is reported to want a big deal as well.  A team has to be careful about falling in love with a guy’s reputation and getting into a bidding war. The Angels will have to deal with Pujols’ contract for a very long time, and while he has ended up with good numbers, they are nothing special. And while he may be a good deal right now at 12 million a year, his contract is for another nine years ending with a $30 million payday the last year. I guess the Angels are hoping he will retire by then.

So, it will be an interesting off-season for sure. And Larry Anderson is getting married in November, too.

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6 thoughts on “Hot Stove League

  1. I don’t want Bourne. He’s a bum. the Halladay deal was fine; they should have won in ’10 when he was at his peak, so you can’t fault him that year. I’ll never stop laughing over the Pujois deal!

  2. If people think we overpaid for Papelbon, that deal will look like an absolute bargain compared to what will have to be paid to get Bourn and the output he will produce for that price. Upton may need a change of scenery, but that’s an awful expensive gamble.

    • So who should they sign? Swisher? Gamble on Cabrera?

      **************************************************************************************************** Most of the world is carpeted, and one day we will do the cleaning.

      • They’re in a bit of a pickle. There’s really nobody worth spending big money on, but they have no options in the farm system. So they’re sort of forced to be out there. Swisher would be a decent option except he’s going to demand ridiculous money.

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