That’s when pitchers and catcher report to spring training. A little earlier than usual, but that’s good for baseball fans. Seeing as how the Eagles won’t be winning the Super Bowl this year, it’ll be a long wait. The Phillies lost today bringing their streak of winning seasons to an end at nine. I heard on the radio that Darin Ruf knocked in all the Phillies runs in the past 3 games. Not sure if it is true, Larry Anderson said it so maybe he was exaggerating. But I think we will have a good chance of seeing Ruf in the big leagues for the whole year. He can’t be any worse than Dom Brown in the outfield, and he seems to be able to hit a lot better.

Also, three Phillies coaches were let go: Sam Perlozzo, Pete Mackanin, and Greg Gross. I really can’t say how good of a job they did, especially Mackanin as he was a bench coach. Sam Perlozzo seemed like he did a good job, and you can’t blame GG for the Phillies strikeouts and lack of discipline. Of course, the speculation is that this will provide a spot of Ryne Sandberg.

So, in the coming weeks and months, I will evaluate the season and look to the next. I will probably comment on the post-season as well and try to get some baseball history stuff on here.

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