Rooting in the Series

I come from a National League family. This originates from my paternal grandfather who was a New York Giants fan. This also means he hated the Yankees, another family tradition. You root for your team, and the team that was playing the Yankees that day.  I was also brought up to root for the National League team in the World Series. For a long time, that is what I did. I think I broke that some time back, but I will do so again this year. I don’t like the San Francisco Giants, simply because they bounced the Phillies from the 2010 postseason.  It doesn’t help that they have Brian Wilson on their team. I don’t like Lincecum, either. Or the “Kung Fu Panda”, probably one of the worst nicknames in all sports. So it will be the Tigers this year. I like Jim Leyland. Verlander is a beast. If you don’t have an opinion on Leyland, see the clip below and you will be a fan. Warning: bad language, Leyland swears like a sailor.

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