The Corner Outfield Spots

Here is the second in a series of articles from Bob Brookover of the Inquirer regarding next season. This one tackles free agents for left and right field. I put my two cents in about a few of them. Here are the ones that he mentions and my thoughts:

Nick Swisher- Looking for too much

Cody Ross- It could be a fit as long as he doesn’t want too much.

Juan Pierre- I wouldn’t be against that. Great example, decent production.

Torii Hunter- For the right price, absolutely.

Ryan Ludwick- Had a bounce-back year in 2012, but I’d be wary about him. The years before weren’t  that good.

Raul Ibanez- Great guy, better than Mayberry and Brown even at that age, but when will that streak of decent production end? Pass.

Ichiro- Played well for the Yankees, but much like Ibanez, that has to end at some point. It would be cool to see him in a Phillies uniform and playing in person, but I’ll pass.

Delmon Young- I think I mentioned him yesterday. No thanks.

Josh Willingham- Had a great season last year and has two more years on his deal at $7 million per. Brookover says the Twins would listen to deals, and I’d jump on that one.

Alfonso Soriano- No thanks. Yeah, he had a nice year, but he strikes out a ton, has no more speed left and is aging. Plus, he makes a lot and you’d have to trade to get him.

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