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Here is the next in the series of articles about the options the Phillies have at all the positions. Like before, I will comment on the players they investigate. Is this lazy blogging? Perhaps, but that is all I have time for. In the article, Bob Brookover quotes Amaro as saying the position might be filled “internally”. A Frandsen/Galvis platoon is mentioned by Brookover, but he believes it wouldn’t “sell enough tickets’. Frandsen had a nice year offensively, but has no power, and isn’t great defensively. Galvis would is probably their best fielder (yes, better than Rollins) but he hasn’t shown he can hit at the major-league level.  They might be able to get away with this if they can add power elsewhere. Brookover also mentions prospect Cody Ache, who is still a year away, but he might lead the Phillies to look for a temporary one-year player at third. Here are the possibilities listed in the article:

Kevin Youkilis- An old 33, but had decent numbers for the White Sox last year. At least he can walk, something the Phillies need. I may be interested if it is a one-year deal.

Eric Chavez- Terrible against left-handed pitching he would have to be used as a platoon player. Pass on Chavez.

Marco Scutero- At 37 I would pass regardless of how he did last year. Plus Brookover believes he played himself into a decent multi-year contract. Pass.

Jeff Keppinger- This guy wasn’t on my radar earlier in the year, but he had a nice year for the Rays and rarely strikes out. Hits for average, but not power. He can play second and short as well. I’m interested.

A-Rod- Already talked about him. Pass.

David Wright- Still under contract with the Mets, so it would take a lot of prospects. Great hitter and fielder, but expensive. Pass

Mike Olt- I talked about this super prospect for the Rangers earlier. It would take a lot to get him and more than prospects in return. I’d love to have him, but the price tag might be too high. If Halladay was fine, I’d include Lee in a trade, but Halladay is a question mark.


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