So Many Rumors

I can’t keep up with the flow of rumors out there, but here are some thoughts on the latest, most of which I am harvesting from

Trading for Jacoby Ellsbury– I like this idea on the surface. He was hurt last year, but before that almost won the MVP. He is still young. I source I have in Maine says that he fears Ellsbury will never be like he was in 2011. I guess it all depends on what the Sox want.

Trading the Vanimal– I support this because his value will probably only go down. Plus, the one thing that the Phillies have a lot of in the minors is pitching.

Upton for Lee– This doesn’t make any sense to me. Lee is your best pitcher. Yes, it would be nice to have Upton, but unless we are giving up on next year, we will need Lee, especially if Halladay is average to below-average next year.

Bourn– Sure, but his price tag will probably be too high. However, reports say the Phillies are still in pursuit.

Ibanez– I don’t really understand this one.

Swisher– I have long been a supporter of getting Swisher as long as it is no more than 4 years. Jim Bowden of has reported that the Phillies are among his “strongest suitors”. Interestingly, the Giants are pursuing him too.

Cody Ross– His price tag is reasonable, and this makes sense at this point.

Hamilton– This has to be a long shot. Apparently the Rangers won’t go to 5 years and are seeing if he gets more than 3 years at $75 million.  Hamilton has given the Rangers the right to match. I can’t see the Phillies going more than that.


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