“They Should Have Matched The Offer”

This is what Al Morganti of the WIP morning show said in reference to the Phillies and the offer from the Angels for Josh Hamilton. This is not smart thinking in my opinion. Yes, Hamilton is a great hitter and an outfielder the Phillies need. But he is 31 and in only one year in his career has he played what could be called a “full season”. And that was back in 2008 when he played in 156 games. Giving him $25 million a year means less money for the bullpen, which, as I’ve sai,d is the main reason they missed the playoffs.

Not only that, but if you supported that contract for Hamilton, you sure as well can’t complain about Ryan Howard’s contract, which many people do. I don’t know why people gush about Hamilton but whine about Howard when it comes to contracts. (Well, I know why people whine about Howard’s contract; I am one of them. He has gone downhill since, a cautionary tale for the Hamilton situation). Look at the numbers and you’ll see Howard and Hamilton have almost identical numbers. In fact Howard is a little better in terms of production. OBP? Howard slightly ahead. Slugging? Howard slightly ahead. Josh Hamilton has a better batting average and strikes out less, but Howard has better production.  So all the people who cursed Ruben for his contract, better not be cursing him for not signing Hamilton.

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