Slow On Baseball News, So I Will Post This…

I was sent this from my source in New England, that’s why it is from the Boston Globe. They list what they think will be the top 10 lineups in baseball next year. It is worth noting the Braves and Nationals are on the list. The problem I have with the list is that the writer assumes a lot. Like for the Dodgers, a “combacking  Carl Crawford”. (Apparently you can invent new words if you write for the Globe.) And Reds using Jonathan Broxton as their closer. It’s been a while since he was a good closer. He also assumes Tim Hudson will still be good for the Braves (he turns 38 next year and had a slight down year), as well as Kris Medlen, who had  a great run for the Bravos, but will have to prove himself over a full year.  In reality, the guy was probably just looking for something to write as we have reached the nadir of baseball news right now. I am toying with the idea of making some individual predictions for the Phillies players just for the heck of it since there is little else going on.

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