Meet Kyle Simon

"The Phillies see me getting to the big leagues quickest out of the bullpen and I ended up dominating in Reading and Clearwater," Kyle Simon said. MICHAEL BRYANT / Staff Photographer

Looking at the picture above, I woulnd’t blame you if you thought he was some guy on the Citizens Bank Ballpark tour getting his picture taken in the clubhouse, or some guy from the front office pretending to be a player, but he’s actually the pitcher the Phillies got from the Orioles in return for Jim Thome. He wasn’t having a good year for the Orioles, probably why they traded him as Jim Thome wouldn’t bring a big return, but once he was changed to a reliever for the Phillies, he dominated A and AA. At both stops his ERA was under 1.50. On the other hand, he did not do well in the Arizona Fall League. But if he can continue his success as a relief pitcher, that could be a great find for the Phillies. You can read about him here. One strange quote in the article was that when he was told not to get ready for a game last year one of his thoughts was that he was about to be suspended (he was traded). It begs the question as to why he had that thought. Hopefully was just a thought.

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