Cleaning Up Wrigley

The Cubs announced that they will be renovating Wrigley Field to the tune of $300 million. This is not a shock as it was built in 1914 and has a reputation of being cramped and out-of-date. At the same time, it is a mecca to fans of the game, a real retro park as opposed to those that have artificial nostalgia. So they have to tread lightly. I can’t blame the owners for wanting to do this as it seems a lot of what they have planned is what is already at ballparks across baseball including Citizens Bank Park.I suppose this will help them be competitive in that area.  You can see some good pictures here

You may remember that at one time the Cubs’ owners threatened (or at least I thought I head this) to build up their outfield in order to block the view of those across the street. That would have been a travesty of epic proportions. I went there once and sat in the bleachers. It was a great experience, one that I recommend to all fans of the game. The whole area around the park is just alive during the game and there is great camaraderie in the stands.

I think I also read the Cubs might pay for everything, which they really should. I really couldn’t imagine the Cubs playing anywhere else. It is THE iconic stadium, even more so than Fenway, in my opinion.

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