Top Stories For Spring Training

After that last post, it got me thinking about spring training, so here are my top questions for the team entering Clearwater. They are in no particular order, but I will put the more important ones toward the top. So I guess there is a particular order:

1. Does Halladay have anything left?- This is probably the most important one for the Phillies. There will be a ton of attention on him especially any time he throws. If he gets beat up and then says after the game he is “trying out different stuff” or is “just getting his work in”, we know we are in trouble.

2. Will Utley actually start the season on time?- After a spring where Utley reported with “general soreness” and then another where he kept saying he was fine but never played, this will be interesting. Supposedly, Utley cracked the code last year on how to keep his knees from hurting too much. Hopefully it is not deer antler juice.

3. What will the outfield look like?- Will there be one platoon or two? Will Dom Brown finally show something? Will Delmon Young throw his bat at someone? Will Babe Ruf get a chance to start? You know I am hoping for that last one.

4. What will Young look like at third?- Never mind his hitting, can he actually still play that position full time? Third could turn out to be a huge hole if Young does not pan out.

5. Will Hamels phantom shoulder pain return?- Amaro reported that Hamels had minor shoulder pain while throwing this winter, and then Hamels promptly denied that ever happened. So I am sure it happened. Apparently Hamels was annoyed when asked about it, but I can guarantee he will get more of the same in Clearwater.

6. How will Howard look?- He has now had enough time to make a complete recovery from his achilles injury and lose weight. But will the downward slide of his production continue?

7. How many times will we hear about Frenchy’s (free danish with breakfast), the Tiki Bar in left field, or the grouper sandwiches?- Whenever spring training starts, those three things are mentioned way too many times. Maybe I am just jealous I am not down there.

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