Serial Phillie Killer To Miss Opening Series

Good news for the Phillies here, Johnny Venters, the notorious lefty Phillie killer, has sprained his pitching elbow and is headed to see ligament-whisperer Dr. James Andrews (although Andrews took some heat for the whole RG3 knee injury). Venters has had Tommy John surgery before, but he does not believe he will need it this time as he didn’t hear a “pop” from his elbow. It’s never good to see a player have a serious injury, but it would help the Phillies as they are stacked with lefties. While Venters came back to earth last season, he still is a formidable presence in the Atlanta bullpen. Here are some Phillies batting averages against Venters over the past three seasons:

Howard: .125

Utley: .125

Rollins .250

Ibanez had no problem hitting him at a .385 clip.

As a team they are hitting .157 against him, but have a decent OBP at .338. That due in large part to Carlos Ruiz having an OBP of .800 against him, even though he doesn’t have a hit against Venters.

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