What We Know After Four Games

The happy, fuzzy feelings that the Phillies produced over the first few innings of the home opened got pummeled by the Royals and their bats and Dom Brown’s fielding. The Phillies went from going 2-2 with people dismissing the first two games as an aberration  to going 1-3 with people wondering if the team can get it together. Of course, it is too early to make any definite decisions, this is what we presently know:

1. The bullpen, which was supposed to be a strength has been terrible. Horst, who had been phenomenal, looks awful. He came into the game and promptly gave up three runs. His ERA is now at 11.57. Chad Durbin, one of RAJ aging wonders, can’t throw harder than 88, which is what his ERA will be soon. Right now it is at a robust 27.00 after giving up a run. His WHIP is at 5.00 now. Looking at fangraphs, his fastball velocity has been at an average of about 90 the past few years, but in 2008, it had an average of 88.7, so maybe I am overreacting. Valdes also is struggling with an ERA of almost 15.

2. Kratz, aside from his home run, has been disappointing, missing some chances to drive in some runs over the first few games. Doc even criticized his glove placement, which I thought was a poor excuse.

3. Dom Brown still cannot field any better than your nephew in high school. With the bases loaded he decided to dive for a ball which wasn’t even close to him; that’s a very basic no-no.

4. Utley and Rollins look good, especially Utley. He could really have a nice year, which would lead to a tough decision for the Phillies.

5. Right now the Phillies are looking like a .500 team, but it is a long season.

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