The Other Roy

Interesting news being reported today: our old friend Roy Oswalt tweeted that he feels good and that he would love to come back to Philly. In others words, he feels like he can help this ballclub. First he wrote: “Just a update , I haven’t felt this good since 2010” and then: “I would love to come back to Philly, loved my time there, amazing fans”.

This is kind of surprising, especially the second part. When Oswalt was here the first year, things went well for the team and him personally. Except in the postseason, that is. But then he got hurt, and didn’t seem like he was enjoying his time here too much when he returned. It really seemed like he had his mind more on being home. I guess riding around on your tractor loses its fun after a while.

I know the paper mentioned the timing of the tweet was right after or during Halladay’s recent poor start, so maybe he thinks the Phillies would be interested. Although later he wrote: “Lets clear the air, I was asked by a Philly fan if I would come back to Philly, I answered that question, it had nothing to do with doc” and  “As a friend and fan of Halladay , and with a track record as long as his , don’t count him out after 2 starts”. I highly doubt the team would be interested, unless he proves he can be effective and the price is right. And even then, he won’t help the Phillies offense. It does add nicely to the team’s soap-opera-ish 2013 season, though.

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