Mike Adams

Adams gave the game away last night when he couldn’t throw strikes or get guys out. He had been pretty decent up ’til this point. Adams was supposed to be the new “bridge” to Papelbon. You may recall there was some doubt as to the wisdom of this signing due to the fact that Adams was coming off of surgery. However, as Matt Gelb notes in the Inquirer, the Phillies and Adams spoke about his lively arm in spring training. Gelb notes that Adams, while throwing his fastball at an average of 93 mph two years ago, now struggles to reach 91. And if you look at fangraphs, Adams is averaging only 89.5 on his fastball this year. Of course, velocity can be overrated, but it does help, especially if you can’t locate your pitches. Could this be another of Ruben’s Follies?

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