Has the Youth Movement Already Begun?

As you are probably aware, Roy Halladay is headed to the DL with some sort of shoulder ailment. We’ll know more in a few days. But with Jonathan Pettibone already here (albeit until Lannan gets back) and talk of Adam Morgan or Tyler Cloyd being called up to fill in for Halladay, perhaps the whispered team turnover has begun.

Of course, I hope Halladay’s injury is not serious and that he comes back. He has had too great of a career to just dismiss him. But we all know this is his last year in a Phillies uniform at the very least. And while “there is still time” in the season, after almost getting shutout by the Marlins twice in one series, things are not looking good at all. When you can’t win a series against the Marlins, you have problems.

While trades most likely won’t happen until the Phillies are much further out of the race and we are closer to the trade deadline, if the season progresses like it looks like it will, then the chances are good that several of the players will be gone. Chooch, Utley, Michael Young and Delmon Young are all in the last year of a contract, or in D. Young’s case, on a one-year deal. Michael Young is the most likely to be traded from that group and Chooch is probably the least likely. I wouldn’t be shocked to see anyone dealt outside of Ryan Howard (because no one will take that contract) and Cole Hamels.

I’ve said it before, it’s just a shame the Phillies could get another World Series out of this group, because it really looks like the party is over. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing because the Phillies do have a promising group of young players and with that big TV deal approaching and some big salaries coming off the books, they could do some free agent shopping to supplement those young guys.

But, hey, it is still early. We’ll see where the team stands on June 1st.

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One thought on “Has the Youth Movement Already Begun?

  1. The way they are talking about the injury reminds me of the way the Sixers talked about Andrew Bynum’s which isn’t good. The more vague management is to the press about Halladay the more I fear he’s pitched his last pitch in a Phillies uniform.

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