The Return of the Babe

…Ruf, that is. In today’s Daily News Phillies blog, David Murphy floats the idea that Babe Ruf could soon be back with the big club. I, too, have thought that we’d soon see the Babe, but not quite the way Murphy sees it.  He believes that Ruf will be called up to DH in the upcoming AL trips and perhaps play first base against tough lefties.

I was thinking Ruf would replace Brown, but that was before Brown picked it up a bit offensively. I don’t see why the Phillies don’t play Ruf instead of D. Young, but I am not the GM. Interestingly, Murphy also believes that if the Phillies do call up Ruf, it could mean the end for Mayberry, Jr. who has been struggling.

While he started the year off slowly, Ruf has picked it up. According to Murphy, Ruf is hitting .415 with four home runs  and five doubles in his last 53 ABs.  Not only that, but Bob Brookover has reported recently that Ruf’s defense in left has improved and he can not hold his own out there.  As you may recall, we are fans of Ruf here at the offices of The Yellow Seats, so we are hoping he does indeed get called up.

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