Hamels in a Huff

I can’t say that I blame Hamels for leaving the clubhouse in a huff after a 5-1 loss to that powerhouse called the Miami Marlins. Usually, players will stay to talk to the media, but Hamels left quickly without saying anything. While understandable  it was also unprofessional. Maybe he was afraid he would tell the truth about the Phillies lineup (not that he has been great this year, either).

Let’s talk about that lineup, shall we? They have already been shutout as many times this year as all of last year and were almost shutout out again by Reds if not for the late inning heroics of the star of low-budget turkey bacon commercials, Erik Kratz and Freddy Galvis. Not only that but the trainers room must be getting crowded as the injuries are piling up.

Anyway, back to Hamels. My brother sent me an interesting analysis of Hamels troubles this year. My personal opinion is that his wallet is so bloated, it threw off the alignment of his back. The article is stat heavy, and frankly, I don’t know what some of the stats are, but may be worth checking out so you can sound cool in front of your friends and co-workers. You can check it out here.

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