No Big Trades on the Horizon

Peter Gammons tweeted the following today:

Cliff Lee leads NL in GS, IP, QS, QS%…GM:”With their pending TV deal, Ruben Amaro isn’t trading him or Papelbon.”

He is referring to the deal with Comcast that expires in 2015 (I think), which of course they can renegotiate before that date. As has been mentioned on this blog, there is speculation that Fox may want to try to get the rights to Phillies game. Either way the team will get a ton of dough. However, this shouldn’t preclude the Phillies from making wise trades to help with the future.

While trading Lee may be questionable at this point (although having him on the books for $27.5 million in 2016 when he could be over the hill doesn’t sound great), dealing Papelbon should happen. He’s on the books for another two years at least after 2013. There is a vesting option for 2016. You may have noticed that Papelbon only hit 91 mph with his fastball yesterday and then blew the save. And then blamed it on Howard. Papelbon’s trade value is pretty good at this point so he should be moved before he loses more and no one wants him. It doesn’t make any sense to keep him at this point. The Phillies are a .500 team and they are not going to make the playoffs this year and probably not next year. We saw what happened to Lidge when he lost his fastball and it may soon happen to Papelbon.

That being said, I hope the Phillies will be wise with that money they get with the new deal and invest in scouting and signing picks.

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