The Mets Have No Class

So the All-Star Game is at Citi Field this year which is the Mets’ ballpark and a wonderful symbol of the  capitalistic excess that was behind the 2008 Great Recession. As part of this game, the Mets designed huge apples (it’s New York, get it?) for each major league team with its logo and other designs on them. They have been placed around the city at various NYC landmarks to start conversations about the game, etc. Anything to get their fans’ minds off their awful team, I guess.

Anyway, I think it is no coincidence that the Phillies apple is located in that great New York landmark….a Party City store. Yes, that’s right, it is located in chain party store location. And a discount one at that. You can read about it and watch a short video here. You gotta love the Mets rep talking about the images on it: “…the Liberty Bell, famous because it’s in Philadelphia.” Yes, that’s why it is so famous, simply because it is in Philadelphia. I was in Philly today, but strangely I signed no autographs.  Thank you,  New York Mets for confirming your lack of class  to the rest of the country.

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