Ruben now says that the Phillies will probably be buyers, at least if they are at the same spot or better by the trade deadline. He also says that he is reluctant to trade young talent to get additional pieces, most likely bullpen arms. I totally agree with that strategy, but I wonder how successful it will be.  The Phillies are too advanced in age to be trading away the few quality minor leaguers they have left. I still don’t see them as contenders, but they are playing better lately. If they can find some way to get a bullpen arm or two without giving away top-level young talent, then that’s what they should do.

What they should NOT do is trade for Joba Chamberlain, as some people have speculated they might do. Thankfully, is saying the Phils have questions about his maturity. I’d also have questions about him stinking up the joint .He’s not good. Look at his numbers.

While I don’t think the Phillies are real contenders, could you imagine if they did make the playoffs by winning the division and Halladay came back in September and was pitching well? What a story that would be.

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