Lower the Mound?

Recently, I heard a caller on WIP talking about the league’s strikeout to walk ratio. I didn’t hear the whole call, but he was trying to say that the ratio was out-of-whack, that too many batters were striking out. Because, he thought, the pitchers are too dominant, MLB should consider lowering the mound. The host said that they would be more likely to juice the ball.

The idea of lowering the mound is ridiculous. You probably know that it was lowered after the 1968 season when pitchers WERE truly dominant. That year the average ERA for all teams was 2.98! The average batting average was .237.  This was the same year Bob Gibson had the insane ERA of 1.12. So the next year, the mound was lowered from 15 inches to ten.

This year, the average ERA for teams is 3.93 and the average batting average is .254, so ideas about lowering the mound is, in my opinion, overreacting. I know the guy was talking about strikeout to walk ratio, but there are other statistics to go by.

During the height of the steroid era I did support the idea of raising the mound because the offense was becoming a joke. As it turns out, that was needed, and now some people are already talking about doing the opposite.

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