Phillies To Get Cuban Pitcher?

Now this is interesting. The Phillies have never made much of an attempt to get Cuban players before, at least before they are washed up (Dannys Baez and Jose Contreras, although Contreras did pretty well for them before he got hurt). Maybe because they passed on rookie sensation Yasiel Puig they are changing their minds, but according to this article (via the Phillies have interest in Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez (Harry Kalas would have loved to say that name!), a recent Cuban defector.  This would make sense as Gonzalez is a relief pitcher, something they desperately need. And they would not have to give up any prospects to get him. And he could play this year, supposedly.

Not knowing any money details, or what kind of talent this guys has, this is something the Phillies should do because of the reasons I mentioned above. They wouldn’t have to worry about giving anyone up whether Michael Young or a minor leaguer. Provided he is good, it would be a big addition.

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